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I understand the importance of having a dependable mortgage partner.

Like a true partnership, your growth is my growth. Your success is my success, and I’ll do what it takes to get you to the closing table.

I believe in being transparent throughout the entire loan process, including with rates and pricing, so I display them live for the world to see. Rates are not everything, but when you combine good rates with top tier service, you have a good combo. Feel free to window shop here.
I partner with the nation’s top lenders and have access to 100s of loan products. I personally shop our lenders to get the best loan for your scenario.
You always receive responses to inquiries in a timely manner  and are kept constantly updated throughout the loan process, so you are not left in the dark.
With all parties on board we can close in as little as 14 days. You won’t be worried if we are closing on time working with me. Instead, you’ll wonder how early we can close.
We order appraisals at the beginning of each contract. Typically our appraisals are back within 5-7 days from the order date, unless we secure an appraisal waiver. In that case we won’t need an appraisal.
The Little Things Matter Too, Right?
  • I Call Listing Agents With Every Offer
  • Available 7 Days Per Week
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish
  • Over 130 5 Star Reviews
  • If you need a realtor referral, I will connect you to one of my referral partners when you are preapproved and ready to go!

My approach to financing is far different from my competitors. ​

I want you to understand exactly who I am and what I can offer before you invest one minute, or one dollar working with me. Shopping for a home loan can be extremely overwhelming and time consuming, and most companies cannot (or rather, will not) tell you what they can offer without running a full loan application and running credit. I don’t want your nonpublic personal information just to give you something as simple as an estimated rate scenario. When we do move forward with a loan application, I’ll start with a soft credit inquiry, no impact to your score. If you are unable to qualify due to low credit, I’ll then walk you through what needs to be done to get your credit score where it needs to be. All without a hard inquiry.

I believe building trust and being transparent are the keys to a true partnership.

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